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We strive to solve your web and mobile needs, from IoT enabled apps to complex data science solutions and everything in between.

We gathered the best talent from Europe and the World to create amazing experiences for you and your customers.


Data Science

Knowledge is power. Tooploox’s data science team creates magical user experiences by integrating machine learning, computer vision, NLP and speech recognition into products.

This is how you can take the next step to understanding and controlling the information to make sense out of it.

Big data

Finding patterns and insights within petabytes of data requires scalable solutions for data ingestion, warehousing and analysis.

Our experts are ready to take your company to the next level of big data processing.

Web development

Our engineering teams specialize in developing state of the art back-end systems and front-end applications, always focusing on the product and using the right tool for the job.

We have experience with plethora of technologies, from languages like Ruby, Python and JavaScript, to SQL and NoSQL databases and infrastructure tools. Domain Driven Design is what we are best at!

Mobile development

We have been building rich and beautiful apps for iOS and Android devices since our company's inception.

We love both platforms and there is nothing we cannot do.

Internet of Things

Connecting real world with the Internet is the new hotness and we are part of it.

We have commercial experience in creating integrated solutions using beacons, drones and smart wearables.

Product Design

At Tooploox, we know that great design and intuitive user experience are integral parts of a successful product.

That's why we gathered the best designers with the sole purpose of creating stunning experiences for our customers.



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Start with






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MVP and your



Taking it to the

Next level
and beyond


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