Custom Runtimes The big news brought to us by AWS during their annual re:Invent conference in November 2018 was the introduction of custom runtimes...

Blazej Jastrzebski

May 24, 2018 - 

5 min read  - 

HIPAA Compliant Software – a Primer

Due to requests from a prospective client, we needed to research HIPAA compliance. I found a wealth of resources but what I could not...
This year, I and several other folks at Tooploox decided to participate in Advent of Code. It’s a month-long challenge in December, in which...

Michal Zalecki

Jan 11, 2018 - 

6 min read  - 

Time Investments for Pragmatic JavaScript Developer in 2018

Personally, I am not the greatest fan of new year’s resolutions. Nonetheless, every moment is good to validate your goals and adjust the strategy...
Karolina Nowocien

Karolina Nowocien

Jun 16, 2017 - 

5 min read  - 

Callback hell: Promises, Bluebird and ES7 (async/await) to the rescue

I still remember the day when I discovered event-driving programming – what I felt then one might compare to the discovery that my bike...
Pawel Gorzelany

Pawel Gorzelany

Apr 4, 2017 - 

10 min read  - 

Turning the safety valve up with types

Front end development changed a lot in recent years. I remember writing my first js code where there was only es3. Not many people...

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