Damian Walczak

Damian Walczak

Aug 1, 2019 - 

4 min read  - 

Motivation: How to organize work to make it count?

motivation aspects
This is my first story from the topic of coaching/psychology/business/goals and such. I wanted to start with values, but after a brief attempt, the...
Magdalena Tula

Magdalena Tula

Feb 27, 2019 - 

3 min read  - 

The Holacracy Episode 4

Now you decide!

The informal structure of power is one of the hardest things to change in the company. There is always someone with a formal power...
Magdalena Tula

Magdalena Tula

Dec 20, 2018 - 

4 min read  - 

The HOLACRACY – Episode 3

Attention! We have a tension!

Psychological tension is often experienced as a feeling of tightness, anxiety and often uncertainty.  In Holacracy this term is deprived of its negative meaning. Tension...
One of the challenges that growing companies face is internal communication. In other words, how to make sure that the most important messages reach...
At Tooploox we come up with many ideas to learn new skills and improve the quality of our work. A good example of this...
Here at Tooploox, we run many interesting meetings, workshops, and implement internal projects to develop our skills and knowledge. Book Club is not our...

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