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Ethereum is the largest smart contract platform that enables developers to create quasi-Turing complete applications running on the blockchain. Ethereum community understands the critical...
Ethereum is a well-established blockchain that enables developers to create smart contracts – programs that execute on blockchain that can be triggered by transactions....
Libellum is our home-grown product, designed to take advantage of smart contracts on an Ethereum blockchain. The decentralized nature of this network allows us...
Companies and organizations around the world are exploring how they can apply blockchain technology to augment the supply chain. The transparency of public blockchains...
Nebulas is yet another platform on which you can develop smart contracts. It offers a means of using JavaScript to develop Smart Contracts –...

Michal Zalecki

Mar 28, 2018 - 

5 min read - 

Ethereum: Test-driven development with Solidity (part 2)

This is the second part of the test-driven introduction to Solidity. In this part, we use JavaScript to test time-related features of our smart...

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