Magdalena Tula

Magdalena Tula

Apr 1, 2018 - 

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From Tooploox to Toolbox!

We’re rebranding!

Tooploox has gone through significant changes as an organization. The number of employees has increased and so has our portfolio of services and clients. The change has been so profound that we’ve observed a need to create a proper branding and unify our visual identification. As the task of company rebranding has an extremely wide scope, we began with an internal audit of all the visual elements used in external and internal communication. Our team gathered and analysed logos, colors, taglines and various designs across all of our channels. It turned out that there is a big inconsistency in how we present our brand. The differences were so dramatic that it became clear that Tooploox needs a new, unified visual strategy – one that would embrace all the recent changes and our vision, mission and values.



The second step involved detailed research of best practices in the industry, as well as competition analysis. We also performed brainstorming sessions, workshops, surveys and used other techniques of research in order to discover the best approach for our brand. One of the crucial pieces of the process was the fact that the Tooploox co-founders were fully on board; they gave us all the resources and empowered us to make any changes we thought were necessary.

It turned out that we had to change much more than solely the visual aspect of branding – we had to change the company name. Here is why we took such a bold step:

Tooploox? No, Toolbox!

  1. As one of our first steps, we wanted to check Tooploox’s brand recognition. It turned out that most respondents, even some of our own employees, had troubles with remembering – not to mention spelling – “Tooploox” correctly. Additionally, we’ve asked a group of IT experts to read “Tooploox” out loud. The results were quite surprising: some people pronounced it “Two-pull-ox”,  “toop-loo-EX”, “tee-oops-loo-ex” or even “too-pee-el-oo-ex”! Overall the vast majority, regardless of nationality, couldn’t pronounce it properly. Moreover, around 40% pronounced it as “Toolbox”. The conclusion was that Tooploox is a difficult, unrememberable name. It’s a big issue on such a competitive market as IT. 
  2. Secondly, the word “Tooploox” doesn’t have any real meaning. While it’s important that our company name carries a meaning and evokes emotions, we realized that ours doesn’t. “Toolbox” on the other hand, has a clear and universal meaning and, what’s even more important, It corresponds well with our vision and mission. The word “Toolbox” shows that we have TOOLS to solve our clients’ problems, that we have a pragmatic attitude and we are close to real life.
  3. Let us explain what the pieces of our new logo stand for: The Box symbolises our office, a place where the TOOLS are. TOOLS represent employees. Going further: we’re as effective as a HAMMER and as sharp as a SAW. The SCREWDRIVER represents our dedication to assemble great solutions in order to reach stability and wholeness. We also wanted to underline that the company has been established in 2012, which shows that we’re building a tradition. As far as themes go, we’ve absolutely nailed it.
  4. People are central to what we do. Both our new name and logo show that we believe in quality work created by human hands. Also, there is an ongoing discussion about robots taking over people’s jobs and we want to resist this trend and stay loyal to our fellow humans!
  5. A valuable, although unexpected hint came from… Google and Grammarly! Each time we wrote “Tooploox”  the autocorrect changed it to Toolbox. It’s like the universe is giving us a sign!

We’re extremely satisfied with rebranding results; it might take time to get used to it, however, we strongly believe that this is a step in the right direction. Welcome to the Toolbox era!

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