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With medical apps at our fingertips, taking care of our health is easier than ever before. Connect with your clients and patients with mobile apps and make their lives better with your products and services.

By opting for mobile app development for your healthcare product you make your users’ lives better. You get the chance to not only boost your business and expand the reach of your product, but also benefit society as a whole and make great strides in the medical community.


Why should I develop a mobile application for my healthcare product?

From saving money to reaching new users, mobile apps are a rocket fuel for your business.

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The expertise the company was able to provide was outstanding. The skillset of engineers on the project matched perfectly with our requirements.

We are very impressed with their work and turnaround speed. They are clearly pros in product design. I also enjoyed my interaction with the biz dev team. Overall, great quality of work and very efficient.

Anya ShapinaCEO, Wysefit

The Tooploox team was incredibly professional and had highly skilled operators in both the technical and product design arenas. They came to each workshop having done a remarkable amount of research and preparation.

Sagar VermaCTO & Co-Founder, Granular AI

Check out healthcare application development solutions

Digitalization is bringing about more possibilities in developing innovative and creative solutions. Check out some real-life potential applications of healthcare apps below, taking medical treatment to the next level and into the digital world.

Medical app development services

Technology helps save and improve people’s lives – we have seen it for years in hospitals and laboratories. But it is medical app development that makes healthcare increasingly more available. 

At Tooploox, we focus on healthcare application development services that can make people’s lives better. We care for patients’ health and therefore we strive to make prevention easier, treatments more successful, and diagnoses more accurate. But taking care of patients means also taking care of doctors – as medical app developers, we can help save them time, improve their surgical skills, make their work easier, and more.

Our expertise in the field of healthcare application development and our technological skills are certainly our strong points, but what truly makes Tooploox stand out is our mindset and mission. We are proud that we can develop products which make peoples’ lives better!

Virtual reality trainings

Thanks to the newest technology and healthcare application developments, we can make doctors’ work easier and less stressful. Using virtual reality can help young doctors practice surgeries. Yet the learning and development process is never-ending in this profession. Even highly experienced surgeons can benefit from VR in medicine when they prepare for unusual and precise surgeries.

Image recognition

Medical app developers can improve the process of cancer diagnosis by using image recognition. It can make the diagnosis faster, easier for doctors, and more likely to be error-free. This is made possible thanks to technology and medical app developers, who teach machines to recognize abnormalities and pathologies from x-ray images, microscopic photos, and other medical image data. 

With image recognition, doctors don’t need to spend so much time watching every single image – the computer does it in a few seconds and points out anomalies. The crucial advantage of using image recognition is that it ensures nothing will be missed due to human error.

Virtual doctor

Doctors can take advantage of the Virtual doctor solution by using it in the ER or similar situations. But the virtual doctor can also make healthcare more available for everyone. It is possible to use it as a mobile app, so patients can check their symptoms and follow the steps suggested by the application. 

The app can let them know if they could be exhibiting symptoms of a dangerous ailment and need to see a doctor immediately (which can also be done in the same application) or whether the situation is less dire and requires more testing or in-person examination.


Telemedicine has never been more in need than right now, as humanity is experiencing a global pandemic. Giving your patients the possibility to consult a doctor without leaving their home eliminates not only the risk of getting infected, but also saves time and money. What’s more, it can convince people to take better care of their health because telemedicine makes it easier than ever before. Building telemedicine solutions is a huge trend in healthcare application development and can boost your business.

Health monitoring

Prevention is better than fighting the disease. So the possibility of patients being able to monitor their health based on the information given by their mobile or wearable device is priceless. The app suggests slight improvements in daily routines and helps to build healthy habits, through which one can see great effects and counter a disease before it fully develops. Now, with technology and medical app developers, doctors and patients can continuously control patient health and react quickly to any disturbing abnormality. Health monitoring can be used daily through devices such as smartphones or smartwatches, as well as specialized medical equipment.

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Electronic health management

Taking care of patient health does not only involve treatment, prevention, and health monitoring, but also the storing and management of medical data. Medical app development can help in this field and make it safer, better organized, and easily accessible. Thanks to this, the medical staff can focus on what is really important – saving their patients’ health and lives.

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Let our specialists solve the problems and tackle the challenges that hold you from conquering the world.

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