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CoinDesk is a digital media platform for crypto assets and blockchain technology. It was founded in May 2013 and reaches millions of users through its website, social media, newsletters, podcasts and videos every day. CoinDesk created the original reference rate, known as the Bitcoin Price Index, which is widely sourced in the media, including The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, CNBC.


  • User research
  • UX Design
  • UI Design

Project goals

Our challenge


To learn about the CoinDesk audience, two parallel studies were run along with an analysis of existing data from Google Analytics.

The survey – a quantitative method — was used to learn about the overall patterns, user profiles and brand perception on a wider scale. The survey was put on the CoinDesk website banner. We gathered over 700 responses in 3 weeks.

User research — a qualitative method — was used to learn about the underlying reasons behind why people use CoinDesk, how they use it, and in what context. It also helped to uncover existing usability issues. We conducted user interviews and website usability tests with 7 people — a varied sample of CoinDesk users — from newbies to subject matter experts, on both mobile and desktop platforms. Participants were recruited via a screener put on the CoinDesk website. The study was conducted remotely by two researchers.


The best solution to gather enough research insights without overwhelming logistics cost and time was to run a remote study. Thanks to this, we were able to finish the whole process within 22 days. The results of our work were two reports with insights derived from the research and recommendations for interface improvements, 3 user personas, and a video with the most significant interview highlights.

In the recommendation report, we described a list of specific improvements which could be easily implemented and bring in relatively high value at low cost.

The research report contained:


Project goals

Our aim was to prepare the new design to include new attributes and more data intended for advanced users. Also, we were supposed to improve the most problematic interface areas on these pages.

Our challenge

We had to identify the main issues on the redesigned pages quickly, due to a short deadline. We also had to remember to maintain a balance in presenting the in-depth data, because the Coindesk audiences are on different levels of advancement. The interface had to be clear enough for people who were beginners, when it comes to price analysis, but at the same time allow the senior users to find detailed information about prices.


The effect of our work was the redesigned Market Interest Page and Pricing Page for mobile and desktop devices. All interfaces were prepared in two color versions - day and night mode. You can see all of the designs live at

CoinDesk redesign
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