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The Tooploox machine learning team consists of skilled data scientists and data engineers supported by project managers to meet requirements and crack even the toughest and most sophisticated projects they encounter. With PhDs and researchers on board, we solve problems once deemed unsolvable.


Check out the benefits of Machine Learning solutions!

The Machine Learning (ML) development services we provide can bring numerous benefits to your company.

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Check out our Machine Learning solutions:

Dig deep into the data you have to uncover the hidden gems by finding insights that will boost your sales and reduce the effort to attract new clients. Leverage the power of AI and find savings in reducing repetitive tasks and unleashing the creativity and energy of your team.


Our machine learning development Sprint process

The machine learning sprint is the outcome of our expertise and experience in designing and delivering machine learning processes. By leveraging the knowledge gathered through countless processes we ensure that your project is delivered on time, with no hassle.

Problem identification workshop

no two cases are the same – Let’s talk and see what we can do!

AI feasibility study

we have an idea – now let’s dive deeper into it!

AI discovery

let our experts chew through your data and processes to find the best use case!


now let’s get our hands dirty with a Minimum Viable Product – right at your fingertips!

Brainstorming and feedback session

Now let’s think about the next step – we will not leave you after the MVP

Solution development

The MVP nailed it, let’s go further!

Data engineering services

Data engineering is all about building smooth data pipelines. This ensures the machine learning solution gets the highest quality of actionable data for further use. 

Data engineering can be considered the bloodstream of machine learning-based solutions. While data science is about solving a problem on an abstract level, data engineering delivers the know-how on data processing. 

Our data engineers ensure that the data-hungry solutions will receive information of the highest quality, without the risk of the input data coming noisy or influencing the solution’s credibility in any way. 


Data science

With 7 PhDs and seasoned experts on board, Tooploox’s teams excel in tackling problems once deemed unsolvable. Our teams experiment and try new approaches when facing challenges to deliver the best possible solution. Our data scientists are skilled in multiple technologies, including image recognition, natural language processing, computer vision and reinforcement learning. 

Data science services are best suited for companies that have and process a lot of data and feel that this asset could be used in a better way – either to boost performance, reduce costs, increase sales or optimize workflow. The Tooploox data science team is here to deliver the answer and come up with an Artificial Intelligence solution that solves this issue once and for all. 

Natural language processing

Finally dig through endless piles of emails, conversations and text documents that circulate in the company in an automated and convenient way. Natural Language processing technology enables computers to analyze text-based, unstructured data with ease. Analyze sentiment, spot dangerous messages, harvest insights and build chatbots to automate your business processes in a way unseen before.

Natural Language Processing is especially useful for companies that work with text-based data and deliver products that benefit from using this type of data.  

Computer vision

Computer vision services focus on processing image-based data. Machines can classify and detect the objects depicted in an image as well as analyze video data in real time to spot suspicious elements or behavior. 

Tooploox excels in computer vision solutions, delivering them to innovative automotive startups as well as building the image processing healthcare product Virtum, used and tested by institutions all around the world. 

The research and development team supports not only Tooploox’s clients and partners, but also pushes the boundaries of human knowledge by delivering research recognized and renowned in world-class conferences, including NeurIPS and ICML, among others.

Reinforcement learning

Reinforcement learning technology is the pinnacle of our current AI development, being the only way to make a machine actually creative and able to make innovative decisions. 

Reinforcement learning is based on a human way of learning, where a neural network-controlled agent gathers information from the surrounding environment, usually delivered in a simulation. The agent is then either punished or rewarded for certain actions as delivered by the data scientist supervising the process. 

Reinforcement learning finds its applications in gaming, autonomous vehicles and managing complex, decision-sensitive processes. 

Time series analysis

Usually data is collected over time, with time being one of the most important variables to be considered. Time series data is basically all the data that changes in time – be they orders in a retail shop, visits on a website, the data flowing from IoT devices to basically anything else which includes changes in time. 

Time series analysis can bring tremendous improvements to your company, starting with on demand forecasting and stocking management to predictive maintenance. 

Time series analysis usually requires a large collection of data points to ensure the consistency and representativeness of the collected data. 

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