5: How to combine AI & art with GAN – with Ivona Tautkute-Rustecka from Tooploox

Ivona Tautkute-Rustecka is an AI and ML Engineer at Tooploox and a Researcher pursuing her PhD in Computer Science. Having shown her work around the world in places such as Singapore, New York, or Johannesburg, she explains how she combines those two worlds in her AI art creations using photography and GANs. Ivona talks about the artistic and technical sides of creating AI art and explores how neural networks differ from our brains.

Witnessing the widespread loneliness, isolation and unaffordable housing options for older adults, Jake developed the idea for UpsideHōm, which would provide a solution to tackle these challenges at scale.

Stay with us to learn more about how to find your customers pains, product market fit and prepare for scale.

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