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Business card application for iPhone

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With all modern trends being against the use of traditional business cards, the custom of exchanging a convenient piece of paper with one’s contact info is holding on surprisingly well. With TooCard, the app that creates Apple Wallet business cards, things are on the way to change.  

The business card is one of the most iconic items when it comes to networking and business development. A paper card with a name, company name, and the contact info of the individual used to be the most convenient way of exchanging contact information. It has become a part of our world culture with several customs coming with the exchange of business cards, even so far as an elaborate ritual consisting of bows and the reading aloud of the partner’s name and title, as accompanies the exchange in Japan.

Individuals used to store and collect business cards from partners in convenient rotating organizers. They made notes on them or updated the contacts’ info manually. In the end - someone with the broadest network of contacts, i.e. the most business cards, could have easily been the most valuable asset for the company when it comes to business development.

Yet the era of traditional business cards is on the way out.

Why traditional business cards are fading away

The business card itself is older than one might think. The concept of a small card with name, surname, and title was common among XVII century aristocracy. Handing them over to servants was a convenient way to ensure you’d be announced properly. Later, high-class houses had engraved and decorative boxes for guests to leave their card in, to build a catalog of people who have paid a visit in the past.

With the XIX century rise of the middle class and the steam-powered industrial era, having a card became a must for every businessman and professional. Modern business cards include not only name and title, but also social media profiles, QR codes, or even fancy artwork to make them stand out.

Yet the latest trends are not in favor of the business card. 

And that’s where the specialists from Tooploox came into the game.

What is Apple Wallet and why did we decide to use it?

Apple Wallet is an iOS native app that enables the user to store digital documents like boarding passes, coupons, student IDs, and public transportation tickets. Since 2012 the user can also store credit and debit cards as well as loyalty cards and use them in conjunction with Apple Pay services.

Making things simple, the Wallet is a place where all documents can be stored and browsed safely. Contrary to the traditional wallet, the service has an infinite capacity and is easy to synchronize between devices, be that MacBook, iPhone, or iPad - you name it. 

The Apple Wallet appeared to be the perfect place to store business contacts. Usually, it is not necessary to add each and everyone contact to the contact book. Also, the process is tedious and time-consuming. Besides, storing every contact in the contact book requires strict discipline or it ends with a mess - a key client CEO finds himself neighboring the mother-in-law or a nearby Asian restaurant with awesome chop suey. In the end, it is hard to remember who is who and why they’re there. 

Last but not least, keeping the contact list in the phone updated and clean is a challenge itself. Usually, it requires a surprisingly great deal of discipline and self-management - and that’s another point where the Apple Wallet comes in handy. 

TooCard - electronic business card app for iPhone

TooCard is our answer to all the challenges mentioned above. The app enables the user to build a convenient iPhone business card to share with other users, who can store them in their iPhone Wallets. 

Such an electronic business card contains all the information one would expect from the traditional business card - name, company name, contact info, or other custom fields like social or portfolio links. An example can be seen below. 

How does it work?

To find out details about how the app works download the full report in PDF!

Why traditional business cards are fading away

Our app comes as a handy and convenient solution for sharing business contact information. Contrary to offline business cards, the digital business card can be updated by the owner, so the recipient does not need to keep the information updated. Every change is done by the user and is automatically applied.

Lessons learned:

Development plans

The app may be finished, but the project is far from being closed! Our future plans of making it even better include:

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