How COVID-19 Changed VC and Startup Reality

As COVID-19 virus changes all the dynamics of social interactions, a great impact can be seen both in the startup scene as well as within Venture Capital Investors.

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What's inside?

  • Get detailed info about the changes that shape your reality
  • Read opinions from VC experts on getting funding in the COVID world
  • Get accurate data from Crunchbase and public sources - no bull!
  • Discover quantitative data with stories from over 20 pivoting or winning startups from around the world!
The Report’s content:
  • The World Before - read about the reality just days before the lockdown, a world cracking under the vision of a crisis, yet with no clear sign of what was to come.
  • The Shattering - get reliable knowledge about changes induced by the global lockdown in March 2020. Reject the dead knowledge and fit into the new world.
  • Unknown Waters - find insights on the current situation in the VC and startup ecosystem. Read the hints and advice from the experts, build your knowledge and set sail for the new horizon.
  • Pivots and Winners - read the cherry-picked list of startups that adjusted to the new reality in an agile and adaptive way!


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  • The VC ecosystem was prepared for a crisis to come. The general game-changer was the lockdown, not the economic slowdown.
  • The number of investments in US startups has dropped by -30% when compared to 2019, but the average value of investments has risen up by +33%.
  • Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals are the only industries that have witnessed growth in the number of investments, the average value of investments, and the overall value of money raised.
  • July has seen a +98% increase YoY in the average value of money invested by VCs, while in January the number, value, and average value have dropped, showing the initial shock of the COVID pandemic.
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